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   ------------    THE Nada - yoga SCIENCE   ------------

Nada-Yoga is a Yoga or union through inner sounds. In the Sanskrit language, Literally, the word Nada means "to flow". Hence the etymological meaning of nada should be a process or a flow of consciousness. Ordinarily the word "nada" means "the sound" and Yoga means "union". Thus, Nada-Yoga means "Union through sound". It is a path of exploration of consciousness through sounds. This specific inner sound is called "Anahat Nada"  (the "Unstruck or unbeaten Sound"). This means "the sound that is not made by two certain things striking together like the raising of a note on the violin or the vina or two vocal cords; two lips against the mouthpiece of the trumpet; the double reed of the oboe; waves against the shore; wind against the leaves, is the sound of primal energy, the sound of the universe itself. All sounds within our range of hearing are created by things visible or invisible, striking each other or vibrating together, creating pulsing waves of air molecules which our ears and brain interpret as sound. Our mind easily becomes absorbed in sound. The mind is fixed on nada or anahat sound heard in the ear. It comes from the Anahat Kundalini Chakra. It gets Laya or dissolution in the mind with consciousness. by the systematic sadhana of Nada-Yoga, the Yogi enters into the higher state of deep meditation, or samadhi and attains divine knowledge of the Self. When the mind gets absorbed in the anahat sounds, you will attain knowledge of hidden things. You will hear para-vakya or para-Dwani 0r sound. You will develop the eye of intuition. Eventually the mind is absorbed in Brahman or the Absolute.

               According to the nada-yogis and the scriptures such as : The Vedas, Brahman, Nada Bindu Upanishad, Sankhya philosophy and Hamsopanishad, the One without a second, manifests as this universe in the form of vibration, which modern scientists refer to as the big bang. The first manifestation of the Absolute is referred to as "Omm, Pranava or Nada Brahman or the ultimate and transcendental sound. This is the Para-state and highest state of Universal consciousness, which is the most subtle undifferentiated vibration, the immutable essence underlying all of creation. This is the seed from which the entire creation has evolved. The whole macro cosmic universe is a projection of sound vibrations. It means everything in the universe originated and evolved from the eternal and infinite nada & highest potentional of micro vibrations.

             Whether something is manifest in the physical, astral or causal world, animate or inanimate, seen or unseen, perceived or unperceived, it all constitutes Brahman as vibration. It is a vibration that either does not vibrate at all or at such a high frequency that it is beyond the reach of the human faculty. The eternal or original nada has the highest rate of frequency and vibration. When any object vibrates at a tremendous and unimaginable speed, it becomes still. It means that the highest point of motion and vibration is stillness. And that nada appears to be the creative principle of all matter and the entire material substance. Music is also a materialized form of nada and the movements of prana in the body are also nothing but the expressions of nada. The purpose of nada-yoga sadhana is to find out the primal, the finest, the ultimate inner sound - the word or shabda. In order to discover this transcendental and non-empirical sound, the process starts from the external gross sound. From there the ultimate form of sound is conceivable only through going into the deeper realms of our consciousness. There are four stages of manifestation of sound according to frequency and subtlety or grossness such as : ---------- 

    Para Nada : Para means 'transcendental, 'beyond' or 'the other side'. It is beyond the reach of the indriyans, or sense organs, and the common stage of mind and other means of cognition. It is indicative of a truth that there is a sphere of super-consciousness where the sound is heard in different dimensions. A certain level of high frequency, sound becomes inaudible and can only be perceived subjectively. Para or transcendental sound has the highest vibration frequency. Various texts mention that Para sound has no vibration, no movements, no motion, no frequency. Sounds having a very high frequency or maximum pitch are transformed into silence. It attains a sudden stillness, and that is Para nada and the quality of the soul. Beyond a certain limit, the ears do not have the capacity to receive such sounds that are vibrating at a very high rate. No one can hear or conceive or understand a sound like that even if it is present. Therefore, we are not aware of all the sounds that are present in the cosmos.

     Pashyanti Nada : Pashyanti means 'that which can be seen or visualized'. It is a sound which cannot be heard, but it can be seen and visualized in dream or in deep meditation. The second stage and particular dimension of sound, which has less frequency and is more gross than Para, is called pashyanti. It may be called a mental sound, which is neither a conscious sound nor a semi conscious sound. It is a subconscious or unconscious sound pertaining to a quality of mind and not belonging to the quality of the sense organs, like the tongue or ears. When the word or the sound is heard in a sphere where one is not aware of the outer surroundings, it is called pashyanti. When every outer sound is extinct and you hear a new sound altogether unlike the nature of audible sounds, know it as a special sound or the nada of pashyanti.

   Madhyama Nada : The word Madhyama means 'in between' or ' middle', so Madhyama means a middle sound, a whispering sound or the sound of a whisper. A form of sound having lower frequencies than Para and pashyanti, but still subtler than the audible vaikhari form of sound, is known as Madhyama. Madhyama produces vibrations in the act of a whisper. But no audible effect is produced in it. Because in Madhyama no two things strike violently against each other in order to produce audible sound. Madhyama is the subtler quality of the same physical organs.

     Vaikhari : The fourth and gross stage of nada is called Vaikhari. Vaikhari sound is audible and producible. The spoken sound is vaikhari. It is produced by friction or by striking two things against each other. Its frequencies of vibration are conducted within a certain limited range. To sum up, vaikhari is the gross quality of the vocal organs or instrument or materials. This quality of external sound is a lower, gross or temporarily effective sound and produced by any gross sources.

              Meditation on sound is one universal path to Self Realization, accessible to anyone, and appropriate for people of any religion or spiritual aspiration. It is the ancient spiritual art and science of inner transformation through inner and subtle sound, and tone including rhythm of sargams (7 internal Para-natural/cosmic sounds) and ritual dancing along with mudras. With practice, concentration on carefully selected outer or "struck" sounds will enable the mind to become calm and transparent. At this point you may begin to become aware of the subtle inner "unstruck" sounds. You might perceive inner sounds initially that seem like bells, or flutes, or even a hum like an electrical transformer. Some of these sounds are actually just the sounds of your own body: blood pumping, or the electrical energy of nerves or palpitation of the hart and inner ear. Other, deeper, sounds are the "sounds behind the audible sound." It is into this deeper realm that Nada yoga can take you. This subtle, inner unstruck sound originates in the Anahatha chakras of the subtle body." It connects this inner sound with Kundalini itself.

               Normally, when we plug our both ears and try to listen deeply within us, we shall hear this wonderful sound that goes by the name anahat sound. By affecting the union of mind with the anahat sound, we will be actually causing the effect to disappear into the cause or, in other words, there will be Mano-nasa. Getting ourselves established first in the anahat Sound and then going to our own Self is but a form of karma mukti (gradual liberation)." Anahat sounds or the melody are the mystic sounds. Each experience is unique. Awareness of inner sound may happen sooner or later but it will happen. This is a highly enjoyable form of meditation and it's relatively effortless: as you meditate, your entire being, every cell and atom and part of you, is being purified and balanced by the sounds that you are focusing on. Your perception of the sounds may change as your body and mind become purified and elevated.  The sounds can also be heard after the uttering of the Ajapa Gayatri Mantra 'So-Hum' 21600 times daily. The sounds are heard through the right ear with or without closing the ears in advance state of sadhana. Anahata Nada that is heard is of 10 kinds such as the first is chini (like the sound of that word chini); the second is chini-chini; the third is the sound of bell; the fourth is that of conch; the fifth is that of tantri (lute); the sixth is the sound of tala (cymbals); the seventh is that of flute; the eighth is that of bheri (drum); the ninth is that of mridanga (double drum) and the tenth is that of clouds, viz. thunder. Sound and its influence on 'Consciousness' have been a matter of great mystery since the early human walked on the face of the earth. Experienced, examined, studied and researched by many cultures, civilizations and yogies for thousands and lakhs of years, Sound is still a mystery to a great many.

               The various aspects of health, according to Yoga Psychology science, is the balanced flow of Pranic energy through all the energy circuits of the mind and body. When this flow gets interrupted, by interfering with or breaking some laws of Nature, the body begins to revolt. This revolt is seen and experienced in the form of different symptoms, discomfort health problems and disease. The perfect nada yogies know very well how to reestablish the lost harmony and rhythm of the body and mind by utilizing the power of 'Anahat sound'. The aim of the advanced state of Nada-Yoga is to purify and harmonize the gross and subtle fields of body energy and bring them in alignment with their natural vibration. This Sounds release negative emotions; reduce stress; and improve stamina and concentration. Toning synchronizes the brain waves and helps relieve tension within a few minutes. This is a sign of purification of the nadis or astral currents due to pranayama. It is the opening of a door on the level of highest awareness when consciousness becomes conscious of itself. It is from that state that the transformation and healing begin in a most natural way. There are different centers where the transcendental nada is said to be situated in the gross and subtle body. Bhaktas try to find the center of their Eshta in Anahat chakra. Yogis try to find the center of intuition in Ajna chakra. Vedanties try to find the center of Hiranyagarbha in Sahasrara chakra. Likewise, nada-yogis locate the center of nada in Bindu chakra. Bindu is the center where the continuous, eternal, inaudible, unbroken and unbeaten sound goes on. For the purpose of the discovery of universal Nada, it is true that the Bindu has to be discovered primarily and finally.  


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