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        --------------     INTEGRATED YOGATHEOPATHY SCIENCE    ---------------
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  -------------    THE Laya - yoga SCIENCE   -------------

Laya-Yoga is a Yoga or union through absorbing dissolution of oneself into the God' spirit. In Sanskrit language, laterally The world Laya is derived from the root "Li", meaning "to become dissolved" or "vanish" but also to "to cling" and "to remain sticking". This dual connotation of the verbal root "li" is preserved in the word Laya. The ward "Laya" means disappearance or dissolution of oneself in the Harmony of the Absolute, and the word "Yoga" means unity or reconciliation. Simply It means Laya is a process of gradual absorbing and dissolving or melting all karmic conditioning, difficulties, negatives, liberating from obstacles and limitations that have accrued as result of various occurrences and incidents which took place in the course of one’s entire lifetime. It makes meditative "absorption" or "dissolution" (Laya) its focus. The barriers of a preconditioned life become gradually dissolved, until the soul sees the enlightening world of freedom and salvation (Kaivalya). Also "Laya" term as ending state of consciousness or absolute spiritual realization is identified with fourth level of consciousness expansion called as Turiya or it's sophisticated higher phase. The Laya-yogies seek to meditatively dissolve themselves by clinging solely to the transcendental Self. They endeavor to transcend all memory traces and sensory experiences by dissolving the microcosm, the mind, into the transcendental Being Consciousness-Bliss. Their goal is to progressively dismantle their inner universe by way of intense contemplation, until only the singular transcendental Reality, the Self, remains.

              Laya-Yoga pays attention to practicing such groups of sophisticated Yoga techniques like mantras, mudras and Yantras – appropriately work with sound, shape and gestures, and work with signs and symbols of Tantra-Yoga (Mandala). The Laya-yogis are concerned with transcending karmic patterns within their own mind to the point at which their inner cosmos becomes dissolved. After realizing the identity "uniformity or Aikya or oneness into The God's Spirit and ego with cognitive consciousness" the mind melts itself, and when Laya state appears, vital pranic force becomes stable. Because of the state of mental absorption a man can achieve the state of Amanda ( bliss) and transcendental pure consciousness as well. In this endeavor they utilize many practices and concepts from Tantra-Yoga, which also can be found in Hatha-Yoga, especially the model of the subtle body with its psychoenergetic centers and currents. Central to Laya-Yoga moreover, is the important notion of Kundalini-Shakti, the serpent power, which represents the universal life force as manifested in the human body. The arousal and manipulation of this tremendous force also is the principal objective of the Hatha-yogies. In fact, Laya-Yoga can be understood as the higher, meditative phase of Hatha-Yoga. Laya-Yoga can be practiced either as tantric system or Vedic one– adequately "Tantrika Laya-Yoga" or "Vaidika Laya-Yoga".

               The Laya system is one of four foremost, so called Grand Spiritual Paths, the other being Mantra Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga paths. So, it is one of the main four forms of yoga paths that exist and may be practiced in this Dark Age described as Kali Yuga. It is worth mentioning the fact that Lord Shiva referred to these four yoga systems as MAHA-YOGA, if one practiced some of their selected basic elements simultaneously. Basically, what we are offering as a public introduction into yoga is in its quintessence Maha Yoga (Grand Yoga) and may be developed in a more detailed way into one of the Great Spiritual Paths. Certainly, the Brotherhood sets or living in atmosphere of Ashram campus, the Indian Eternal Path of Absorption or Laya-Yoga as the priority.

               The succession line, i.e. the spiritual tradition from which Laya-Yoga originated, is also called Himavanti, or, in more accurate terms, Himavanti Confraternity Order (HCO). The seven-stage or path or  Marga of spiritual evolution of individual's divine consciousness that causes one to dissolve in an infinite grace of the ocean of compassion of the highest. God is a basis for the entire spirituality represented by successions of GURUS (Spiritual Leaders), who in turn pass on one of the most ancient and esoteric forms of Yoga teaching. Traditionally, in the lead of the entire transmission line as well as its forms appear: The greatest or Maha Guru Lord Shiva (The Merciful One), more familiar in his numerous emanations as the Venerable Father, Baba, and his spouse, known as Devi Parvati (Daughter of the Mountain, i.e. the venerable Mahatma Himavant). Acharya : those ordained in the process of spiritual transmission to play the part of messengers or apostles of the succession line belonging the Vedic Laya-yoga, constitute the groundwork of yoga teachings.

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