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Dr. Swami Shivapoojananda Saraswati Ji Maharaj

conducted by

Yoga health research institute, bhopal, m. p., india


-------------     INTEGRATED YOGATHEOPATHY SCIENCE   -------------

Karma - Yoga bhakti - yoga gyana - yoga hatha - yoga raja - yoga kriya - yoga
kundalini - yoga swara - yoga nada - yoga mantra - yoga laya - yoga tantra - yoga

------------    THE Kundalini - yoga SCIENCE    ------------

Kundalini-Yoga : In the Sanskrit and Hindi languages, Kundalini means coiled or seems as a cylindrical spring. Awakening and raising of dormant infinite divine potential energies in the sushumna Nadi (principle vital pranic potential energy passage in the subtle body) in the spine and other parts of the physical body. This system of Yoga is concerned with awakening of the psychic centers or Kundalini Chakras, which exists in every individual's personality. There are 14 main chakras in the human body are eternally connected or  linked each other or responsible for the evolution of the soul or consciousness.

             The mind is made up of different subtle layers. Each of these layers progressively are associated with the lower and higher levels of consciousness. Each of these mental and spiritual levels are related to the different chakras (These seven lower or animal consciousness relevant Chakras as :Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Talatala, Mahatala, Rasatala, Aakasha and upper or human or divine consciousness relevant major chakras as : Moolardhara, Swadsithana, Manipura, Anahatha, Vishuddhi, Ajna, sahasrara) or psychic centers located throughout the physical body in a psychic forms and are concerned with animal consciousness  level. There are no of other chakras apart from the six main, which are associated with planes below the human level. In all we have chakras that connect us to animal levels of mind, to the instinctive realms of being or to the sublime heights of consciousness. In Kundalini-Yoga, higher-level chakras are awakened and also the activities associated with these higher psychic centers. The basic method of awakening involves deep concentration on these chakras and forcing their arousal. Asanas, pranayama, mudra, bandha, and other forms of Yoga such as Mantra-Yoga, Tantra-Yoga, and some rituals are also used to awake, stimulate and rise the Kundalini Chakras.

                The mostly process of Kundalini-Yoga directly involves the arousal of the Kundalini-Shakti, or serpent power, the extreme and infinity pranic potential energy experienced, visualized by an enlightened Yogies, and believed by highly spiritual followers and Sadhakas to be located at the base of the human spine. As one practices the various techniques, this power / latent energy rises through a series of centers or Chakras corresponding to various endocrine glands. When this potential power reaches the highest center, which is associated with the hypothalamus gland regulating the hormonal secretion of the endocrine system, control over the hypothalamus results. In this way, secretion of hormones from various endocrine glands and from neurological set-up of brain can be regulated properly. It is a sacred, most effective, and high graded meditative sadhana science; suitable for literate, intellectual, sincere and dedicated spiritual Sadhakas ans disciples.


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