Fortunately  available  now :  The unique, rare, incomparable & Invaluable golden

opportunity + to be Free from all the types of diseases + EMPOWERMENT FOR over all

the types of stamina + ACHIEVEMENT OF ABSOLUTE Enlightenment for all the PERSONS.

 Under the perfect & direct gracious guidance of The Supra 

Celestial Empowered Eternal Marvelous Glorious Seer Saint

 Yogavibhuti Dr. Swami Shivapoojananda Saraswati Ji Maharaj

 Guaranteed Instant-Rapidly Permanent Preventive & Curative

Extraordinary Ultra-Beneficial and Precious Qualitative

Super Natural Empowered Intensive, Integrated and Miraculous

Yogatheopathy Medical and Enlightenment Solution

Download A & B application  form

Non-Medicinal and Instant Effective

Permanent Multiplied Result - oriented

Yogic Scientific Easiest Processes

Safest - Harmless - Risk Free - Remedy

All  the Interested  and needy persons are most welcome always to participate our  excellent miraculous Yogatheopathic Therapeutic Sadhana Course Sessions seriously, sincerely, regularly, confidently with faith and dedication to  gain Assure successful and soonest   preventive and curative  proper accelerative Solutions for  Psychosomatic  Psychological  Emotional  Spiritual health & inner personality relevant following almost all the types of your common, chronic, complicated, incurable or failure problems, ailments, patients (except acute infectious, critical, emergency & surgical cases), and Spiritual Practitionners (Sadhakas), such as :----------             

 Normally  In initial and medium stages of the following various health problems & diseases :---

Digestive & Liver disorders Constipation Hyper Acidity & Gastritis Indigestion & Dyspepsia
Peptic Ulcer (G / D) and Colitis Giddiness Hepatitis (A, D & E) Weakness- Laziness- Tiredness
Allergy, Cough and Cold Sinusitis Esnophilia and Lung Skills Efficiency and Performance
Asthma (Allergic & Bronchial) Bronchitis  Cardiac Asthma  Stamina and Resistance power
Mental stress & strain and Mania Insomnia / Anxiety Immune system Depression (Phobic / Neurotic)
Neurosis - Dementia - Dyspepsia Mania / Psychosis Migraine / Headache Mental disorders / Abnormality
Blood Pressures (H & L) High cholesterol Hormonal disorders Thyroid ( Hypo and Hyper)
Diabetes (Ins. Depended) Varicose Vain Diabetes(Mellitus)-Tablet Mental retarded / Handicapped
Over weight- Obesity-prolepses Nervousness Self-confidence-Memory Brain & Neurological disorders
Impotency & sperm deficiency Rheumatism Sciatica and Arthritis Spondylitis (C / T / L / S), Slip disk
Mental reformatting & Upgrading Mental Updating Mental Reprogramming Mental Antivirus Software Establish.
Sexual disorders & Infertility Leucorrhoea

Schizophrenia / Hysteria

Reproductive/Menstrual disorders
Renal deficiency & disorders Hemophilia Prostate - Hernia - Piles Cardiovascular & Lung disorders
Drugs Addictions & Alcoholism Dissipation Angina Pain-Sclerosis Physical and Mental  Disablelities
Muscular disability & Paralysis Liver Enlargement Leucoderma & Psoriasis Madness - Insanity - Obsession
Comma & Senseless condition Alzheimer's  Comma & Senseless Vain-Artery-Fallopian tube Blockage

 Normally Initial and medium stages of the following critical health problems & diseases :------

 Tuberculosis Parkinson Epilepsy Thalessemia Extremism Cist  /  Tumor  /  Stone Formation
Hepatitis (B & C) Leprosy Cancer HIV + ( AIDS ) Terrorism Genetic and Hereditary Problems

 thoroughly forever permanent normally within a Two to Six weeks specific Yogic courses only.

  No Medicine is Prescribed by us and on going previous medication is gradually reduced

as the patients' Healths condition improves with our Integrated Yogatheopathic Treatment

? Intensive base for traditional treatment plan: According to the patient's limitations individually like :---present and previous case history of the patient’s health problems & diseases and taken treatments agegenderlife-style and daily routineinner personalitytendency, attitude, and behaviors    inner grasping and following capacityoccupational,  working & professional situationssocial and cultural & religious backgroundenvironmental & geographical conditions / factors of the living and residing area heredity and genetic factors of  health & inner personality, etc. Within a shortest  period without using any kind of medicine or dietary restriction in the spiritually charged atmosphere and our sacred Ashram (The Guru's or spiritual master's residential place or spiritual training centre) campus.

 Beginning of progress: Remarkable positive symptoms & recovery of survival's health 

 begin normally within a week, and comparable multiplied major improvements on analytical  

medical parameters occur frequently from 2nd weeks during the yogatheopathic treatment.

 ? Extra benefits: In conjunction with the above applied Traditional yogatheopathy Science based our modified and formulated systematic courses, will consequently lead to sufficient personal fare guidance to gain hisPerfect improvement of complete health management and harmonyAll-round creative personalityAwakening-development-diversion-channelization of dormant Kundalini (source of infinity potential Energies in the subtle body) Divine power such as:inner talents and geniusesEfficient professional & skill performanceInner visualization, intuitions and perceptions of life’s truths in the gradual progressive & higher state of self-consciousness through Meditation and Samadhi,Absolute spiritual Enlightenment, The ultimate & Supreme God Darashan, Self-Realization, and Liberation etc.

   Total Periods and charges: The total health relevant complications, problems & illness

and it’s intensity will determine the prescribed minimum fee /donation charges, and total  

duration for the particular yogatheopathic therapeutic sadhana course of an individuals.  


     The success rate: The total duration and percentage of the success rate for the yoga

participant’s survival benefits depends upon their quality of physical intellectual

           economical contributions, atichute, co-operations and scarifies to our Global welfare 

Mission "Y. H. R. Institute" previously or during the completion of Yogatheopathy Courses.

Timing for Yogatheopathy Practical Classes: 60 / 90 minutes session daily in Morning & Evening.

Integrated Yogatheopathic Transmission based Therapeutic Syllebus

  Morning Session: Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Sankhya Yoga.

  Evening Session: Psycho-therapy, Nada Yoga, Swara Yoga, Trantra Yoga, Bhakti Yoga,



   Our Humble Expectation have to Solve Your Health Problems Thoroughly Forever   


 At least once a life-time, Please, A must attained our yogatheopathy course

individually for your personal Complete Health's benefits Or arrange camp there

for the Multiplied Extraordinary Benefits of your neighbors / mass welfare.

Conducted by 


   Help us to help you: By participating our yogatheopathic therapeutic sadhana course       seriously, sincerely, regularly with positive attichutes, full confidence, faith and dedication. 

   Only selected genuine  General candidates Spiritual practitioners Advance Sadhakas Patients and unhealthy persons are required to send or deposit registration cum reservation or admission charges (at least for two weeks or more in the behalf of expected total periods of the complete course) earlier well in a advance to participate/attain in our specific integrated Yogatheopathy courses & camps at our any decided specific Destinations/places in India or Abroads.

  Timing for Personal Guidance and Consultation: From 02 T0 04 PM daily by Prior Tele-Appointment.  

     For more details, please contact/meet personally and apply now/as soon as possible along with your all previous + latest medical reports and its' supporting documents by hand / post / Fax / E- mail to :  &  &

Swamiji's Yogic Programs with relevant some Documents and Pictures: Pictures Library


  SKYPE  AND  GOOGLE  NET  TALK  ID :   shivapoojananda




Interested INDIVIDUAL & respective societies, associations, clubs, community centers, institutions, companies and corporate, public & govt. sectors, NGOS are MOST welcome to co-operate/sponsor our series of MASS camps in India/abroad.

become diseases free, proof & enlightened, And also reformat, reprogramme, upgrade, 

Update your inner mind through yogatheopathic transmission within a shortest period.

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