Fortunately  available  now :  The unique, rare, incomparable & Invaluable golden

opportunity + to be Free from all the types of diseases + EMPOWERMENT FOR over all

the types of stamina + ACHIEVEMENT OF ABSOLUTE Enlightenment for all the PERSONS.

Under the perfect & direct gracious guidance of a glorious yogi

Dr. Swami Shivapoojananda Saraswati Ji Maharaj

conducted by

Yoga health research institute, bhopal, m. p., india


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Yogatheopathy medical Research Project

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yogatheopathy hospital cum medical research center

With the advancement in science, technology and   industrial development   Number of patients per thousand is increasing day by day. A general study of human behavior has proved that  people who are suffering from mental stress, adverse affects of pollution from environmental hazards,  as  well  as  from  noise  pollution  is much larger than the cases reported  and  those  who  are being attended to at Govt. hospitals, nursing home and private clinics  by  various  doctors.  The population in the industrialized cities is increasing and the financial constrains and living habits of the masses force the general public to live an unnatural life.  As a result of these factors majority of the people suffer from all kinds of physical, mental and emotional disorders .The yogatheopathy experts (Yogi Sanyasi) in the Integrated Yoga Spiritual Science have a faith and experienced that the people who are engaged in the different therapic aspects of   the Yoga (like Hath - Yoga, Raja- Yoga, Kundalini - Yoga, Kriya - Yoga, Tantra - Yoga, Nada Yoga  etc. ) have not carried Out ,  intensive therapeutic  research, detailed medical analysis and scientific evaluation  on   the  subject  in  complete & proper way. There is a Feeling that Integrated Yogatheopathy therapeutic science can cure almost all the psychosomatic, psychological  & spiritual health relevant common, chronic, complicated or incurable / failure health / personality problems and diseases excluding surgery cases and some acute infectious diseases

   suitable places for the establishment : In the municipal area limit of New Delhi, India or Himalayan regions.
   required area for the yoga medical campus : Minimum 10 To 25 Acres Land will be sufficient.

  total cost of the establishment : Approximate 100 Crors Rupees for all the kind of expenditures.

   ACCOMMODATIONS FOR PATIENTS and staffs :  200 beds for patients 100 beds for other yoga trainees 50 beds for teaching & non-teaching staffs and medical scholars.

   Infrastructural FACILITIES :  Administrative block conference hall yoga class hall Well equipped latest clinical set-up emergency  O. P. D., medical research equipments and therapeutic scholars team pathological laboratory library kitchen/ restaurant printing press audio and video studio dairy water filtration plant two separate hostels for males and females vegetable cultivation and farming arrangements medicinal plants-fruits-flowers garden security arrangement, etc.

   FINANCIAL ARRANGEMENT : Capital fund, regular income,  expenditure for running maintenance, economically self-depended and progressive policy to serve the maximum needy peoples of the global human societies in near future.

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become diseases free, proof & enlightened, And also reformat, reprogramme, upgrade, 

Update your inner mind through our yogatheopathic healing within a shortest period.

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