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conducted by

Yoga health research institute, bhopal, m. p., india


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----------------    tHE Gyana & Sankhya - yoga SCIENCE     ---------------

Gyana-Yoga means union through self or divine knowledge. The path of self analysis and illuminative wisdom of cosmic truths is that path in Spirituality rarely treaded by even the most serious of all intuitive seekers. With none to guide, it is extremely difficult for one to proceed on this contemplative path. Only God-Realized Souls are competent to guide one on the path. God Realized Souls are those personalities who having started, in search of God, completed their journey, realized their inner self. Of course, they help those who are seriously interested proceed on the path of Jnana-Yoga! Philosophical contemplation of Cosmic Truths means in deep state of meditation and higher state of samadhi through continuously one pointedness concentration, and observation on inner thoughts, and self-analysis. Jnana-Yoga uses the intellect as a tool to understand that our true Self is behind and beyond our mind. It is the most austral process of converting intellectual knowledge into practical wisdom. For the purpose of Self-discovery, Jnana-Yoga probes the nature of the Self through the question "Who am I ?" Thus Jnana-Yoga may be called the Quest for the Self or the Inquiry into "who we are." It is a greatest discovery to attain super spiritual perception, individual and universal conscious, and ultimate liberation by Lord Shiva of humankind. 

                Yoga is described by tradition as a means to obtain the highest meditative state and inner self divine knowledge. Jnana literally means 'knowledge', but in the context of yoga it means the process of meditative awareness on pure inner thought. To maintain absolute purity of thought while conducting your mundane affairs is an extremely tough task. With people all around eager to ditch you on the first opportunity, you need to act tough sometimes foregoing the calm and inner peace, you were able to maintain with so much difficulty. which leads to illuminative wisdom. It is not a method by which we try to find rational answers to eternal questions, rather it is a part of meditation leading to self-enquiry and ultimately, self-realization. Some of the components of Gyana-Yoga are : Not believing but realizing. Self-awareness leading to self-analysis. Experiencing truthful knowledge, Realizing the personal nature, Developing intuitive wisdom, Experiencing inner unity or oneness. In the final lap one needs to follow the path of Neti (Art of Negation). Neti (Art of Negation) by which we negate everything in the Cosmos, and what remains in the end is nothing but God himself, The Almighty Creator of the cosmos. Having come face to face with the Creator, your journey of Gyana-Yoga is complete.

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