Fortunately  available  now :  The unique, rare, incomparable & Invaluable golden

opportunity + to be Free & PROOF from ALMOST all diseases + EMPOWERMENT FOR OVER

all the types of stamina + ACHIEVEMENT OF ABSOLUTE  Enlightenment for all INDIVIDUALS

Under the perfect & direct gracious guidance of a glorious   

BalaYogaVibhuti Paramahansa

Dr. Swami Shivapoojananda Saraswati Ji Maharaj

conducted by

Yoga health research institute, bhopal, m. p., india

( International Medico-Spiritual Voluntary Welfare Organization )


---- List of the Fee/donation charges for individual yoga-participant ----

in a large group sessions & Mass Camp Period.

   Timing for yogatheopathy classes : 60 / 90 minutes each session are

conducted in a common group or individually every day morning & evening

Note:- No medicine is prescribed 0r given to anyone by us and on going previous medication is gradually reduced as the patient's condition improves with Yogatheopathy treatment. Our teaching and treatment methods are a systematic gradual combination with proper ratio of Intensive & Integrated yogatheopathy science based physical Techniques, Siddhi-Transmission and Spiritual Healing. Health related all results are monitored by latest medical diagnosis, clinical investigation & tests and pathological examinations etc.

  The categories of complete health and spiritual Enlightenment Sadhana relevant complications, problems & illness and  it's intensity will determine the total duration and donation charges for the integrated yogatheopathic course.

Categories & types for  Integrated yogatheopathy Science based various specific practical training courses.

The List of Weekly Fee / donation charges for individual yogatheopathic Trainees & Candidate in India only.

daily 1 / 2 Classes For 

Local & Indian only

daily Two/Three Classes For Residential only



General Yoga Health Management Course

For Common Health Problems and ailments

   1st Week 2,100/-      2nd Weeks 3,500/-From 3rd Weeks 5,100/-

1st week 12,000/-2nd week 13,500/-From    3rd Weeks 15.000/-

 1st week 900 $ uS,     2nd week 1,200 $ uS from 3rd Weeks 1.500 $ US

Yoga Therapeutic Health Course For Common

and Complicated Health Problems and Diseases

Initial 7,000/-and  Medium 11,000/-Weekly

Initial 18,000/- and Medium 25,000/-Weekly

Initial 1,800 $ US, and   Medium 2,500 $ uS Weekly

Yoga Therapeutic Health Course For Chronic

and Complicated Health Problems and Diseases

Initial 15,000/- and Medium 21,000/-Weekly

Initial 28,000/- and Medium 35,000/-Weekly

Initial 3,000 $ US, and   Medium 4,200 $ uS Weekly

Yoga Therapeutic Health Course For Incurable

and Multiple Health Problems and Diseases

Initial 28,000/- and Medium 42,000/-Weekly

Initial 45,000/- and Medium 62,000/-Weekly

Initial 5,100 $ US, and   Medium 6,500 $ uS Weekly

Yoga Therapeutic Health Course for 3rd Stages

  of all the above Categories Included + Critical and Failure Health Problems and Diseases

Initial 51,000/-,Medium    75,000/-,and 3rd     Stage 95.000/-Weekly

Initial 75,000/-,  Medium 95,000/-,3rd Stage 1,21.000/-Weekly

Initial 7,500 $ US,   Medium 9,000 $ uS,3rd Stage 10.500 $ US Weekly

Preliminary Yoga Sadhana Course For 

Spiritual Seekers and Practitioners 

   1st Week 2,100/-      2nd Weeks 3,500/-From 3rd Weeks 5,100/-

1st week 12,000/-2nd week 13,500/-From 3rd Weeks 15.000/-

1st week 900 $ uS,2nd week 1,200 $ uS,from  3rd Weeks 1.500 $ US

Advance Yoga Sadhana Course For Higher 

Spiritual Seekers and practitioners 

1st Week 7,000/- From  2nd Week 11,000/-

1st week 18,000/- from 2nd week 25,000/-

1st week 1,800 $ US,from 2nd week 2,500 $ uS

Complete & Advance Yoga Course For Absolute

Spiritual Enlightenment / Self-realization

 Monthly Rs. 75,000/-  and Yearly Rs. 7 Lacs.

Monthly Rs. 1,21,000/- and Yearly Rs. 11 Lacs. 

Monthly 9,000 $ uS,      and Yearly 95,000 $ uS

Yoga teacherís Training course for general

health management (Primary Certificate)

 Rs. 75,000/- For    three months

  Rs. 1,95,000/- For     three months

  15,000 $ US For     three months

Yoga teacherís Training course for

therapeutic health cure (Advance Diploma)

    Rs. 8 Lacs For       two years

    Rs. 15 Lacs For       Two years

   1,51,000 $ US For       two years

  Note : Prescribed donations / Fees charges has to be paid well  in advance fortnightly / monthly or

quarterly / yearly yogatheopathy courses for Local & Residential candidates by Cash / Draft   

at the discretion of The venerable Swamiji or their authorized Representative for the particular

Yogatheopathy course. Total charges / expenditures of the essential medical check-up

and clinical investigations during the period of treatment will be paid extra 

by the concerned yoga - participants & individuals properly.


  Prescribed donations / Fees charges List for the Individual Yoga-Participant's Personal Sessions.


   Concessional fee / donation charges are considered specially for the less privilege sections of societies, PHYSICALLY & MENTALLY DISABLED & Handicapped, DEFIANCE PERSONS, CHILDREN UP TO 17 YEARS AND SENIOR CITIZENS ABOVE 80 YEARS OF THEIR AGE, LADIES, SAINTS, ETC.


  all the fee / donation charges FoR our yogatheopathy courses will be vary according to the ability and numbers of the YOGA - PARTICIPANTS & persons, category & period of the SPECIFIC yogaTHEOPATHIC courses,  places and situations of the host / organizer ( in india or abroad ).




become diseases free, proof & enlightened, And also reformat, reprogramme, upgrade,

Update your inner mind through our yogatheopathic healing within a shortest period.

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